Paint by number kit - Coral reef

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Find concentration and calm by revealing your artistic sensitivity.

This paint by number kit "Coral reef" allows you to create a beautiful illustration created by artist Miranda Sofroniou. With this box, find all the essential materials and instructions for painting this magnificent masterpiece, in the format 24.5 x 32.5 cm. Get inspired and paint!

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An accessible, pleasant and creative activity that offers many benefits:

👀 Development of creativity : It allows you to explore your creativity by choosing colors and personalizing the painting.

🫀 Stress Reduction : By focusing on painting, it can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

👌🏼 Accessible to all : It is suitable for amateur artists of all levels, providing an accessible artistic experience.

🧠 Improved concentration : It requires attention to detail, helping to improve concentration.

💪🏼 Personal pride: Pride and a feeling of accomplishment will be there when you hang your creation in your home!

The kit contains


A sheet of high quality cardstock - 24.5 x 32.5 cm - with the numbered sketch.


18 small paint pots of different colors.

Practical Guide

An explanatory note with all our tips as well as an interview with the artist.

Paint brushes

2 brushes made in France, vegan.


Stickers to personalize your pots and identify them more easily.

About the artist, Miranda Sofroniou

Miranda is a British illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her illustrations are inspired by her love of travel, nature, colors and patterns. His illustrations are often inspired by his environment. She loves being in nature and observing the world through the seasons. Traveling is also a great source of inspiration, as it gives him a huge creative boost.

A work of art in your living room!

No need to know how to draw, the result of your paint by number will be worthy of the greatest artists thanks to the super simple system which consists of coloring the areas according to the number.


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